Activity Fields


The foundation has achieved to implement a lot of technological construction systems and buildings with advanced electro-mechanical hardware, most of which had been developed as a result of national/ international project competitions and have significant impact on our architect literature. In the last 5 years Titanyun R&D C Block, TEVITOL Congress Center, ODTU College education building had been constructed.

Consultancy & Project Management

EBI, which undertakes the consultancy of construction works, has given the services of project, tender, implementation auditing and consultancy.


The project services, which are given under the supervise of the ODTU academicians, involves urban planning, static strengthening, infrastructure and waste treatment systems connected to these etc. that arises from comprehensive and academic based studies of different scientist from different departments.

Operational Management

ODTU charity foundation dormitary is operated by the EBI in ODTU Campus.

Elektro-Mechanical System Maintenance

The firm undertakes the responsibility of operation-periodic maintenance, repairing works at its finished advanced electro-mechanically equipped buildings by establishing Operation Maintenance Technical Group.In METU Teknokent and METU NC Campuses maintenance services are given to about 300.000m2 gross area.