Corporate Governance

General Director's Message

Construction sector forms the building stone of the development because of the demand of infrastructure and superstructure that develops parallel to the increasing population. From another point of view, it undertook a vital function as a sector which generally depends on the human work in our country where unemployment is the basic problem. Unfortunately this giant and tough industry, took its share from the economic fluctuations and many of the construction companies can not protect their status quo for this reason.

With acting together with the responsibility of the name behind us, while answering the modern world’s rapidly changing expectations with the best solutions, “reliability” in development, in success and in service formed our starting point.

We serve in the same discipline and professionalism in the different fields of construction sector by using the opportunity of reaching the technical knowledge in METU’s academical information diversity and richness. I believe that every new project that we have completed, added new values to our institutional accumulation that targets to reach to the better.

During this process our basic power is the perfect cooperation between our management and team and our team spirit. We will welcome the future’s new targets together and with confidence.

F. Hale CAN
General Director

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Corporate Governance

Governance and organization chart of EBI can be seen below.

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