General Information

Middle East Technical University (METU), had been started to education for contributing to development of Turkey and Middle Eastern Countries especially for educating staff member on Natural and Social Sciences in November 15, 1956. As the leader of modern education, it has been bring number of innovation to the Turkish education system, Middle East Technical University gives education at 43 undergraduate programmes in 5 faculties, which are Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Faculty of Education.

There are 5 institutions in the university. Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Informatics and Applied Mathematics Institutions are in the Ankara Campus and the Institute of Marine Sciences carries on its studies in İçel-Erdemli.

As a result of its superior position in Turkey and the respectability, gained on the international level; METU had been invited to build a campus in Northern Cyprus in 2000 by Turkish Republic (TR) and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and consequent of this big scale and off-beat higher education project, the METU Northern Cyprus Campus had been implemented. The education had been started in the 2003-2004 academic year.

METU Development Charitable Foundation, as a Higher Education Association, Middle East Technical University aims to do high level scientific study and research, to produce information and technology, to spread scientific data, to contribute to development and improvement on national level, to become a distinguished member of the science community by cooperating with the national and international accessions and to contribute to global and modern development.

To enable to help to promote and to achieve these objectives, the METU Development Charitable Foundation had been established on May 31, 1983.
Recently 5 enterprises are working under the foundation that are;

  • EBİ Electronic Computer Construction and Tourism A.Ş
  • METU Development Charitable Foundation Education Services A.Ş
  • Middle East Techno-park A.Ş
  • METU Development Charitable Foundation Publication and Communication A.Ş
  • METU Development Charitable Foundation Infrastructure and Environment A.Ş

The biggest commercially active enterprise, under the METU Development Charitable Foundation , is EBİ Electronic Computer Construction and Tourism A.Ş, which had been established in 1983. It had been established to contribute to Middle East Technical University’s structure, enclosing wide opportunities and successful staff, and its leading character in the scientific research branches since its establishment.

Regarding its objective, the firm assumes a duty on opining the university to sector by gathering the academic accumulation of METU with its professional experience with the help of the organic relation among them.